June 2018

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In the June issue of BJM, we have articles from all over the world. A study from Australia evaluates a group development programme to help women and their partners transition to parenthood; research from the US examines physical activity and sleep levels in new mothers, and our editorial takes a look at the revolutionary results of the Irish abortion referendum. Meanwhile, we also have a special focus on neonatal jaundice, and a fascinating study into the effectiveness of mandatory reporting for FGM, written by a top team of doctors, lawyers and academics.

What the editor says

No one interested in women’s reproductive healthcare could have missed the seismic event that took place on 26 May 2018, when the Republic of Ireland voted overwhelmingly to repeal the Eighth Amendment of the constitution and allow women to access abortion care in their home country. Now, eyes have turned to Northern Ireland, where abortion laws are still restrictive, but services are coming ever closer and harder to ignore. Could it be time to accept the inevitable and legalise abortion, so that it can be properly regulated? If so, one place leading the way is the Isle of Man, where the parliament is currently debating an Abortion Reform Bill that would turn the islands’ abortion laws from some of the most restrictive to some of the most progressive. The Bill includes provisions for late terminations, counselling before and after the procedure to protect women’s mental health, and ‘access zones’ outside clinics to prevent ‘pavement interference’. Not only does the Isle of Man provide an example to the Republic of Ireland as it designs its new legislation, but it can also serve as a model to the rest of the UK, which still has some way to go to improve services for women. See our subscription options

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